“He does nothing to do,” shouts Sarabia, the assistant of

Eder Sarabia is a volcanic type. The assistant of Quique Setién was hunted by Vamos cameras this Sunday at the Bernabéu, while he was cursing the lost opportunities. The second coach of Barça began saying that “it is not a pass to Busi, it is a pass to the interiors. ‘There!”. He was referring to one of the passes he gave Ter Stegen.

That was not, however, his biggest reason for complaint. Sarabia began to be outraged with the opportunity missed by Griezmann in the first part, still with the 0-0 on the scoreboard of the Bernabéu. “Goal … Métela Antoine, I shit on my fucking mother,” came the second Barca coach, who was much harder.

But it was not known then who he was addressing. But the shout came from the bottom of the Barca bench in the Bernabéu. “He doesn’t do anything that needs to be done,” Sarabia said, although it is unknown which player he meant. “Suddenly, he starts playing and throwing when he has to play the ball. I shit on God.”

“We cannot have the defensive line tucked so far back” (Sarabia)

Setién’s assistant analysis was then much more tactical. “We cannot have the defensive line tucked so far behind because they stretch us and then Benzema comes, receives, and creates a lot of superiority,” he told his boss. Both were sitting on the bench. Quique with his hands in his pockets and Eder addressing him very expressively. “We have to reduce space much more.”


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