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He exchanged sports cars for a hybrid – eXtra.cz

Hockey legend Jaromír Jágr celebrated his fiftieth birthday. And during his stellar career, he has not only replaced dozens of beautiful women, many hockey clubs, but also a number of cars. His first car was a small Škoda Favorit. He then drove, for example, a Dodge Viper or a BMW X5. It now uses the Kia Sorento Plug-in Hybrid.

We know Jaromír Jágr primarily as jone of the best Czech hockey strikersat. But how does a Czech sports superstar move between matches or on other occasions? And which cars have he tried in his lifetime?

From a favorite to BMW

At all Jágr’s first car was an ordinary Škoda Favorit. “The first car I ever drove was my dad’s Škoda 1000 at the time. But my first car was a favorite with Michael Jordan’s sticker on the hood, when I was young,“Jagr told the server autoweb.cz. Another car that Jágr can’t allow is an American one Dodge Viper sports car. The cult viper bought in 1998 when he won gold with the national team in Nagano. But then he didn’t have time for him, so she lay in his garage.

But he ventilated it two years ago: “Looks like the viper is back. Twenty-two years later, I’m pulling him out of the garage. Dusty but still looks good,He wrote on Instagram at the time.

He bet on ecology and comfort

Lately, however, Jágr has been more comfortable than speeding. In 2018, he took over the luxury BMW X5 xDrive30d. “I personally prefer the BMW X5 and the BMW 7 Seriesabout the hard training, the comfort of the seat and the vending machine will probably be most important to me. No one wants to squeeze the clutch after sixty-eight brakes. I’m a man, so I consider the engine to be the heart of the car and I also enjoy the new digitization in cars, such as head up display or ambient lighting,“Said Jágr, according to the autoweb.

He made another change last summer when he saddled the Kia Sorento SUV in a Plug-in Hybrid. After a year of using the brand’s sportiest model, the Gran Turisma Kia Stinger, it has moved to its largest and most spacious model. As stated by autoweb.cz, the low-emission SUV with an output of 265 hp (195 kW) manages to travel up to 70 km on electricity in the city cycle and complements the existing e-Niro electric car in Jaromír Jágr’s fleet.

Sorento is very spacious and I was amazed at how quiet the car was, even while driving in the offroad where I drove. The car is very easy to control, so the driver gets used to it quickly and the ride is more pleasant. I like to enjoy comfort and convenience behind the wheel with a minimum of stress and distraction in any situation. Thanks to the comfortable seats, I can also fully relax as a co-driver on longer routes when we go to matches, for example. The car has a number of control options, such as the choice of pleasant music acoustics in the cabin,“Jagr praised his new car.

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