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“He has 276 days in jail”: the leader of the Light of the World will remain in detention until April for his slow criminal process | United States Univision News

Los Angeles California.- Another audience of a couple of minutes was held in the leisurely judicial process of the leader of the church La Luz del Mundo, Naasón Joaquín García. This Monday, his defense asked to be granted a 30 day waiting period while your appeal case is resolved.

This legal strategy seeks to ruin the 26 charges against Joaquín García before a possible trial arrives. The lawyers argue that irregularities were committed that have lengthened the time in which, without establishing grounds for prosecution, his client has remained in the Central Prison for Men of Los Angeles.

The judge presiding over the case in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, George Lomelí, granted to wait until a hearing scheduled for April 8, when the State Court of Appeals of the Second District, located in the city ​​center.

By then, the religious leader will have already added 10 months behind bars.

Neither Joaquín Garcia, nor his alleged accomplice Lark Ocampo, They were present at the hearing this Monday. Only the accused arrived Susana Medina Oaxaca, who is free after paying a bond of $ 150,000. The three pleaded not guilty to 26 crimes that add up together: sexual abuse of minors, rape, production of child pornography, extortion, among others.

Last Thursday, in the state court of appeals, the self-appointed legal defenders ‘Apostle of Jesus Christ’, as well as the representative of the Superior Court of Los Angeles County, presented their oral arguments before a panel of four judges.

“He has 276 days in jail without bail or a preliminary hearing,” Kelly Quinn said that day, lawyer for the leader of the Light of the World. “He must be released (…) That is simply not correct,” said the litigator, criticizing the prolonged detention of his client.

One of the judges reminded Quinn that in a court hearing on September 23 “the defense said it was not ready” to continue with the preliminary hearings, a strategy that ended up extending the time that Joaquín García has spent behind bars.

Bridget Billeter, the county’s legal representative, requested that this case continue as the defendant was granted various legal options to “speed up” his judicial process. “It’s not the fault of the court, which was ready on September 23 for a preliminary hearing and the defense extended its time, ”he said.

A source from the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) confirmed to Univision Investiga that the agency He has placed the international director of the church under his magnifying glass.

José Luis Nassar, a lawyer for Naasón Joaquín in Mexico, said that since July 8 they hired the services of his legal firm “under an assurance of his institutional accounts” by the Secretariat of Financial Intelligence (FIU) of the Secretariat of the Treasury

“All church accounts are functioning normally, and the trials are developing favorably ”, adds Nassar in a statement posted on his account Twitter

“In the same way we call on the authority, to avoid public statements, so that the development of the amparo trials is respected, since there is a risk of affecting the impartiality of the ongoing processes and also generate acts of discrimination or vandalism against members and some real estate of our represented (the church), ”adds Nassar.

The “Apostle of Jesus Christ” adds 280 days in custody of the Los Angeles Sheriff. On June 3, 2019, customs agents arrested him when he arrived by private jet to the airport of this city.

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