“He is convinced that contact with vaccinated people will put them in danger of death”

Fanny Talleuw and her companion, Laurent Renard, scrutinize phones and computers with anguish. A week ago, this blended family should have found Fanny’s six children, who went on vacation to Portugal with their father.

“Like every year, they left there on June 27 for the two summer months. But on August 20, my former companion called me to tell me that the children would not come back, ”sighs the mother, worried about the“ anti-system ”speech given to her by the father of the children.

“For three months, he has been saying over and over again that vaccination is not necessary for children, and on this point, I agree with him. But he is also convinced that the contact of children with vaccinated people will put them in danger of death, ”testifies Fanny Talleuw.

►► The man evokes “a civil war to come between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated”

►► The mother lodged a complaint with the Comines-Warneton police station: a report has been launched at the international level!

►► “The police have taken over the villa where my children spent their holidays but it is empty, there is no one left”


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