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“He is the player who will explode next season”

Each season can have its share of surprises, and this is particularly the case for some players who still fly under the radar. Who will pull off a shattering outbreak in 2021-22? A recent survey of franchises gave a first answer, and this is a player in the East!

The seasons follow one another and are similar for Cleveland, subscribed to the bottom of the Eastern Conference since the departure of LeBron James. While the previous campaign got off to a good start, it all came to a halt in mid-January, with poor results once again becoming commonplace in Ohio. However, all is not to throw for the teammates of Kevin Love.

Indeed, according to a survey of HoopsHype conducted with about fifteen NBA leaders, it is a member of the Cavs who could create a surprise in a few weeks! Asked about the player who could burst the screen in 2021-22, a large majority of voters named Darius Garland. One of them explained why:

In theory, you pick a young player who has yet to break through for whatever reason, whether it’s injuries or team dynamics, and he still has to have untapped potential. Garland meets these criteria perfectly, he will explode.

Author of a nice progression during his sophomore season (17 points and 6 assists against 12 points and 4 assists in 2019-20), the young guard does indeed have the potential to make noise this year. Especially since according to another leader, his health and the presence of a specific teammate slowed down his outbreak:

I think Garland got a little lost in the crowd and people know who he is because of Colin Sexton. If he stays healthy, I like the idea of ​​choosing him.

With only 54 games played due to physical glitches, Garland has indeed yet to show that he can stay on the floor for a long time. With Sexton potentially departing, he could have the opportunity to explode in the public eye. And when we see its highlights from the last few months, we say to ourselves that it will be worth a look:

The Cavs won’t have anything to play again this season, but Garland might just put a smile on the face of Ohio fans by showing what he’s really worth. Before perhaps catching the attention of a competitor …

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