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“He killed half a million people!” The story of the killer drug that poisoned the world comes to television

Posted on 13/08/2023 15:32

Approximately half a million of US citizens, from 1996 to 2019died inOxyContindirectly and indirectly. histhe opioid epidemic caused by the drug Fentanylthat we talked about elsewhere as the “zombie drug”, there is a disturbing precedent in the drug OxyContin: theoxycodone he is the one pain reliever most powerful opioid in the world, as well as one of the most used for palliative cure in the cases of chronic pain. But let’s go in order. His story is emblematic of human greed, theregreed of the producers of OxyContin itself, also known as oxycodone in the name of the active ingredient, which they knew how a person can very easily develop a strong addiction and an even stronger dependence than the oneheroin. They knew and kept quiet. Now the story of OxyContin is back in the limelight thanks to the docuseries Pain reliever produced by Netflix. The US pharmaceutical company Purdue Pharma released OxyContin in the US market in 1996 and due to the release of baths 12 ore of oxycodone, the drug was immediately widespread. (Continue reading after the picture)
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The opioid epidemic (induced) in the USA

A broadcaster, they said, wider than necessarySince rather than being used only for end-of-life palliative care or severe pain, it has been prescribed by American doctors in a long line of cases, from arthritis to back pain and common sports injuries. In a brutal summary, many people, even without any familiarity with drugs, have developed a strong opioid addiction at the turning point, in the absence of new prescriptions, in the drug market.heroin in the road. We are talking about young and old, ordinary people, with a job and a stable life that ended up in the hellish circle of the worst drugs. If we were talking about human greed earlier it is because famiglia SacklerPurdue Pharma owner, as it turned out and as Netflix said, full of beneficial and other prebends i medicine who prescribed OxyContin, generates a monstrous and monstrous conflict of interest. Equally criminal was there data manipulation, who found such a dangerous drug approved by distributing it throughout the country. Therefore, doctors in the United States began to prescribe OxyContin with great frequency because the pharmaceutical company sold it as a “miracle cure for all pain and safe for addiction“. Thus, walked too widely, without concern for its dangers, the drug was prescribed inappropriately, which led to massive addiction. But there is more, and even more serious: it appeared that Purdue Pharma and The Sackler family knew the exponential risks of abuse and addiction, even before that. DEA, the US anti-drug agency, began to investigate. Instead of taking action, Purdue Pharma used the high rate of drug addiction to its advantage increase turnovercontinued for more than a decade an aggressive policy commercial promotion. (Continue reading after the picture)
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The effects and withdrawal

Purdue Pharma is considered primarily responsible for the so-called opioid epidemic. Despite the sharp decrease in the prescription The last 15 yearsThe epidemic in the United States shows no sign of stopping, with very worrying data: the drug directly caused (through theoverdose) and indirectly (by forcing addicted patients replace it and other more dangerous but cheaper drugs like heroin or fentanyl) the death of about half a million Americans (as of 2019). In the 12 months between April 2020 and April 2021 in the United States were registered 100 miles victim of an opioid overdose. Among all the countries in the world with the highest consumption of this drug, the United States ranks first and 51.6 tons of OxyContin consumed right in North America, as we read about Today. Followed by Canada, Denmark, Australia and Norway. In Italy, of course, the abuse of oxycodone is far less worrying than in North America, but it still represents the opioid drug that caused the biggest number of drug addicts from 2010 until today. OxyContin alone is not a drug considered fatal when taken with caution, but if the dose is exceeded 320g per day or if combined with other medications, drugs or alcohol, it becomes very dangerous. Anyone who abuses it and suddenly stops taking OxyContin has a very high risk of experiencing withdrawal symptoms, so it is necessary to stop taking the drug gradually. Among the withdrawal symptoms of OxyContin, as with other opioids, is anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, nausea, fever and a sense of severe fatigue. In addition, it was verified that, i little baby whose thief took OxyContin while pregnant, had two symptoms abstinence. (Continue reading after the picture)
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Legal case against Purdue Pharma

The series, in turn, is based on the book Pain Killer: The Empire of Delusion and America’s Great Opiate Epidemic In Barry Meier and from the article The family that built an empire of pain“, published in the New Yorker and Patrick Radden Keefe, who raised the case. The legal case against the Sackler family lasted until September 2021, when Purdue was ordered to pay compensation. $4.5 billion in damages. Was justice done? No, and for two reasons: first, no amount of money can bring back the lives of those half a million victims in the United States alone, you can’t monetize death in a person; Then, above all, the fact that the Sacklers were guaranteedimmunity on future criminal proceedings. An incredible situation that lasted longer than that twenty years. The lives of millions of Americans were changed by a single pill, about half a million people died, many are still struggling to get back to normal. Members of the Sackler family enjoyed great fame clients and philanthropistseven in The Guggenheim Museum in New York there was an inscription, later removed, which recalled the large funding received from them.

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