He leaves his octogenarian parents in a bar in Argentina for not being able to take care of them


Abandoned as animals. That was, for a few hours, the fate of an Argentine elderly couple after one of their children left them in a bar, supposedly because they could not take care of them. The octogenarians, 92 and 86 years old respectively, had been evicted from their home, in the town of Rosario, for non-payment. Without a place to go, they went to him. His solution: take them to a bar, promising them that he would come back for them. But he never came back.

After seven hours of waiting, the workers of the establishment ended up calling the police. Informed of the situation, the authorities managed to find another of their children, Raúl, who did attend his meeting. "I knew they were paying what they owed, I think it was a very small debt, but I was not sure, I did not have much relationship with them," he explained.

When they heard what happened, the elders explained to the Argentine media that they are "well" but that they want to "be together" and that, for now, they have nowhere to live. For the time being, and provisionally, they are staying at their son Raúl's house. "We want to be able to be together under one roof again. We can not go to buy a house, it is impossible, we do not have what, so in any case we will have to rent. We are both retired and spend a little, "explained the woman, with visible sadness.


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