He steals a scooter from a boy in the center, but the escape doesn’t last long: 25 years old in handcuffs

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August 24, 2021 16:08

It is difficult to go very far, with an electric scooter: the carabinieri of the Norm of Padua arrested SD, a 25-year-old homeless and already known to the police as subjected to the precautionary measure of the prohibition of residence both in the entire province and throughout the Veneto for drug offenses.

The facts

It all happens in the late evening of Monday 23 August when the young man, in the company of two of his friends, stops and threatens a twenty-year-old from Padua in via Umberto I, stealing his electric scooter. The boy then calls the soldiers of the Arma, who find the thief in Viale Della Pace and manage to stop him after a short struggle. Not satisfied, the 25-year-old tries to provide false personal details during the identification phases except to be discovered and detained in the security rooms of the Padua Main Carabinieri station, pending the very direct rite as ordered by the judicial authority.


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