He threatened to drive people if the pubs did not open. Men face up to 15 years in prison Home

PRAGUE The police accused a 62-year-old man from Pardubice, who according to her threatened on Facebook, that if restaurants and bars did not open, he would drive people, similarly to Olga Hepnarová. He faces five to 15 years in prison for threatening a terrorist offense. This was stated in a press release on Thursday by the spokesperson of the police presidium, Kateřina Rendlová.

According to investigators, the man placed a post on the social network under a fictional profile on Sunday evening. He wrote that if not all restaurants and bars were open the next day, he would drive a truck to the people he would kill, as would Hepnar. In 1973, Hepnarová deliberately drove a truck among people at a tram stop in Prague 7, killing eight people.

Criminal investigators from the National Center against Organized Crime tracked down the man within two days, he confessed to the crime and regrets it, Rendlová added. He is being prosecuted at large. The case is supervised by the High Public Prosecutor’s Office in Prague. “This case clearly demonstrates that police officers are able to quickly track down a writer on a social network, despite the fact that he is hiding under a fictional profile,” the spokeswoman added.

In the Czech Republic, a state of emergency has been in force since 5 October due to the coronavirus epidemic, restaurants, bars and clubs closed on 14 October, and food and drink can only be dispensed through windows. The fact that a man committed an act during a state of emergency may be an aggravating circumstance for him, however, this circumstance already provides for a stricter legal classification of this crime.

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On July 10, 1973, Hepnarová drove a truck among the people waiting at a tram stop in Prague 7. The motive for her actions was hatred of society. Three people died on the spot, five later in the hospital. In April 1974, the Municipal Court in Prague found Hepnar guilty of eight times murder and sentenced her to death. She was executed less than a year later. Hepnarová was the last woman executed in Czechoslovakia, the death penalty was abolished in 1990.

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