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“He took out his sex…”

This Wednesday around 11:00 am, an exhibitionist tried to show his genitals to Chloé, 20, at the bus stop at Braine-le-Comte station. “I live in Rebecq and I had just gotten on the bus to go home,” recalls the student. “He stayed in front of the doors, I found him strange but I looked elsewhere. I felt him keep staring at me and then he walked around the bus to get a better look at me. He was playing with his tongue and waving at me, then he started unbuttoning his pants. I started filming him and he left. »

➜ With a strong temper, Chloé then gets off the bus to confront the man: “I threw my bottle at him and told him never to do it again. He insulted me ! »

➜ Marion also experienced the same type of harassment, she had a direct interaction with the individual: she talks about it.

This Saturday March 26, Miss Belgium 2022 was crowned among the 30 finalists. The election took place at the Plopsa Theater in De Panne and, for the first time, you were able to follow it live on video and exclusively on Sudinfo!

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It was finally Chayenne van Aarle, 22, from Antwerp, who was elected.

Relive the full show on video

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