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he was 10 years old, hit by rhabdomyolysis- Corriere.it

from Simona De Ciero and Floriana Rullo

The family: We are all vaccinated, Lorenzo was taking drugs so we decided to wait. The worsening was sudden: the child suffered from rhabdomyolysis. The mayor of Nucetto, in the province of Cuneo: An unjust tragedy

TORINO – For Lollo we had decided to wait for the vaccination. We had consulted and, given the medicines he was taking because of the epilepsy, we had decided that it would be better this way. We are all vaccinated in the family. It had to go like this. Simone Gazzano weeps as he talks about his son Lorenzo. She doesn’t realize that her 10-year-old child is gone. Taken away in less than 48 hours by Covid which gave him no escape. The baby died yesterday morning, at 5.55 am, hospitalized in an intensive care bed at the Regina Margherita hospital in Turin after being transferred from the Mondov hospital (Cuneo).

Mother Mara and father Simone, worried about their son’s health conditions, had decided to take him to the emergency room. The fever did not go down, he had nausea, vomiting, body aches and was hypothermic. It was in the hospital that it was understood that Lorenzo, whose class was already in quarantine, had Covid. But the worsening was sudden.

In serious condition he was first transferred to Turin where he was subjected to treatment against Covid and dialysis. A race against time that did not help save him. Despite Lollo, who net of some epilepsy episodes dating back to years ago, he had no previous pathologies that made him a fragile patient – explains Alessandra Conio, head of pediatric resuscitation at the hospital -, we think that the viral infection has triggered a very serious inflammatory response, especially on the muscle. arrived at us in a state of shock.

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A rare case, the first in Piedmont, which led to the small rhabdomyolysis, a massive destruction of muscle tissue. The patient did not suffer from pathologies and was not vaccinated – explains Franca Fagioli, director of the Department of Pathology and Child Care of Regina Margherita -. In this fourth wave, the chances of getting sick and having serious consequences have increased for the little ones.

And while to clarify whether it was Omicron that led to Lorenzo’s death, even if there is little doubt given the symptoms found in the child, the autopsy that could be carried out as early as the next few hours, the entire community of Nucetto, 400 souls in the province of Cuneo, in the upper Tanaro valley, until the end hoped to be able to see that child with brown hair and hazel eyes still running through its streets and to be able to embrace him. On the other hand, Lorenzo was known by everyone as well as his family.

Her mother Mara has been running the Le Rose bar for years, located in the heart of the small town, her father is an employee of Alpitel, a telecommunications company. A united family the one in which Lollo grew up who has two other children, a girl of 16 and a boy of 13. Lorenzo attended the elementary school of Nucetto, in these days in distance learning precisely because of Covid and participated in the life of the community. In his spare time he then played at the oratory, while on Sundays in church he served as an altar boy and had received his first communion last year.

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He was sunny, cheerful, smiling and carefree – says the parish priest don Roberto Fontana -. His radiant face expressed life and had entered the hearts of all of us. A tragedy for our whole small community – Mayor Enzo Dho comments in tears -. Lollo and his family have always given so much to the town and to the community. They have been impressed by an unjust tragedy.

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