“He was King Midas, but 25% don’t take anyone away from him” – Libero Quotidiano

“He is a great seller, he was passionate, he was the creator of wealth and the market, he was King Midas, then people got tired of him and he exceeded the limit, but 25% do not take it away from anyone“. It is the analysis of Nicola Piepoli, which at theAdnkronos gives a countertrend reading of the latest polls. It is clear that the League is falling in consensus, but talking about the crisis for the well-known pollster is out of place: “The real votes of the Carroccio are a quarter of the market, it is a great party. Salvini shows absolute growth, remember that took the party to 7% and then brought it to 35 “. Now it is detected between 27 and 30% depending on the institute that takes care of the detection, according to Piepoli the government is penalized above all by the League leader: “Salvini is against, but the executive with his estate has won, more than 85% of Italians have accepted Conte’s requests and many of the Northern League players have also obeyed him”. On the other hand, the line of Giorgia Meloni: “She defends the idea of ​​the right, she is an intellectual who reasons, has studied and unlike Salvini, she has risen slowly. It has pumpkin salt – it is the opinion of the pollster – it is no coincidence that it is a female leader in a male chauvinist party ”.


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