“He was part of our family”: readers tell Christophe

YOUR TESTIMONIALS – Readers of Figaro are very moved after the death of singer Christophe; they recall the poetry of his songs.

By Juliette Singeot

The singer Christophe, 74, died on Thursday in Brest.
The singer Christophe, 74, died on Thursday in Brest. BERTRAND LANGLOIS / AFP

The announcement of his hospitalization and then his transfer to Brest had already moved many. The singer Christophe died on Thursday, April 16, from a lung disease. The interpreter ofAline, was 74 years old. Internet users Figaro pay him homage.

Lydie B is stunned by this news: “I thought he would have gotten out. Immense grief …“Same feeling for Nelly C, who, getting up this morning, says to be”very touched“Learning of his disappearance:”I liked his mysterious personality …“Lyne M explains that Christophe “Was part of the family”. “I have all of his albums. He was a very poetic singer with relaxing and melodious music, filled with happiness and love “, she specifies. Nathalie H adds that by leaving us, “it’s a whole era that goes with him“…

Juste C, who was in Vietnam in the years 1980-1990, says that he “Heard very often Aline in dance halls and restaurants. Most often, it was a half-French, half-Vietnamese, very faithful adaptation, in which only the chorus was sung in French ”, he adds. Fleur D also remembers “full of good memories of youth, or the time of languid slows and the hours spent with my little sister listening to her songs. He was a music genius and he always will be” Tonight, Prim V, would like “everyone pays tribute to him by singing one of his songs in the windows at 8 p.m., for our caregivers …


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