Head of Olympics Petr Janda (78): Acute heart surgery!

Although the author of hits such as Turtle, Wolverine Bird and Perhaps I was to blame, I already admitted in September that he is afraid of covid, and therefore he goes almost nowhere, he took the intervention as an immediate challenge. “I didn’t hesitate for a minute,” Aha! Said.

He was afraid of the operation

The only thing he was worried about was anesthesia, which can do great damage to his brain. However, the patient undergoes this operation in full consciousness. “They’ll insert a catheter into my groin. It also immediately burns or simply removes everything that bothers the blood flow, “the musician confided. He underwent catheterization in the morning and was able to leave the operating room at half past ten. After the procedure, the patient must lie still and rest for several hours. After all, it is a heart attack. “I was scared, but I’m done,” the musician wrote wearily at noon.

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Work break

He has a lot of time to rest after the procedure. “Due to the quarantine, we had to move all autumn and winter performances to spring,” Petr said just before the operation. “We also talked about the possibility of online concerts, but we would still like to perform live. It is not above the audience that sings with us, “he added. Olympic, who has a new keyboardist Pavel Březina for a few months, released a new album Kaťata with a bit ticklish lyrics a few weeks ago and would like to know what the fans are up to. That’s why Janda would like to turn with the covid like his arrhythmia.

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What is catheterization?

It is a method that allows the destruction of abnormal tissue. The catheter is inserted through a vein or artery in the groin into the heart and its tip is placed as close as possible to the site of the arrhythmia. The place is heated to a temperature of around 60 – 70 ˚C, and so it is “burned”.


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