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Health Commission. Witczak: Segregation does not reduce transmission

On Wednesday, January 5 in the morning, a public hearing began at the Health Committee on the bill, which provides that an employer would have the option of requesting information from an employee whether he is vaccinated against COVID-19.

By the decision of the Committee, the hearing has a remote formula. Applications were received from 73 entities, with some entities reporting several persons each, which after the grouping gave 63. 5 minutes were allocated for a legal entity, association or foundation’s speech, and only 2 minutes for a natural person. The order of submissions is decisive for the order of appearances.

Dr. Witczak: Vaccine protection drops to zero within a few months

During the meeting, the following spoke, among others Dr. Piotr Witczak, who is a medical biologist specializing in immunology. health technology assessment. He also represents the “Polska jest One” and “Ordo Medicus” foundation.

– Sanitary segregation based on vaccination programs against COVID-19 does not reduce virus transmission. In European countries, the greater the percentage of the vaccinated population, the more COVID cases. We have a similar trend for voivodships and poviats in Poland – said Witczak.

“Instead of listening to biased experts and politicians choosing individual studies for a thesis, read the scientific literature that explains why these vaccines do not reduce transmission,” he appealed.

Witczak indicated several reasons why this is so. – First, vaccine protection drops to zero within a few months, and without a booster, vaccinated people may even be more exposed to infections than unvaccinated people. Many studies document outbreaks initiated by vaccinated people in highly vaccinated populations. Even one unaware of the infection, with a “Covid passport”, can infect many of his vaccinated colleagues – explained the expert, giving examples, inter alia, Israel or Great Britain.

Public hearing. “I am appealing for reason”

– There are analyzes published in medical journals indicating that the risk of these preparations outweighs the benefit – said Witczak, giving the example of myocardial infarctions.

– I appeal to the rulers and deputies not to support such segregation laws. Vaccines have been studied too briefly, in violation of current standards, he continued.

Dr. Witczak concluded that compulsion to vaccinate against COVID works to the detriment of public health, has a questionable scientific justification, raises ethical problems, generates social tensions, and undermines trust in both prevention in the form of vaccines, but also in the entire health care system.

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