Health maintains its silence on the request for dialogue between doctors and nurses

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He Ministry of Health maintains its silence on the latest request for dialogue from the unions of doctors and nursing professionals. Both entities, CESM and Satse, They have shown his deep discomfort at the lack of response and after their last meeting they have indicated that they are already working on possible initiatives “due to the inaction of the Government in the face of the serious situation faced by doctors and nurses in our country”, as they quote in a joint statement.

Both the general secretary of CESM, Gabriel del Pozo, like the president of Satse, Manuel Helmets, regret that the head of the Ministry of Health “continues to show no interest in addressing with their organizations the difficult situation that our National Health System (SNS) is facing due to the serious expansion of Covid-19, in the face of jointly seek solutions to all existing problems ”.

No response since the beginning of the month

As this newspaper advanced last week, the last offer of dialogue to the head of Health took place at the beginning of October. Fifteen days later, and in the absence of a response, both entities have assured that they are working on possible initiatives in the near future without ruling out any option. Decisions in this regard will be taken in the near future.

For now, the The medical union has already announced its call for a national strike on October 27, which is already registered in the corresponding ministries, as confirmed by CESM this morning.

Professional unions stress that it is “absolutely inconceivable “ that the Ministry of Health “looks the other way when the representatives of nurses, nurses and doctors ask them to collaborate to improve our National Health System in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, taking into account, in addition, that there is a clear forecast of hardening of the sanitary crisis in the next weeks ”.

Supporters of dialogue

They also remember that for years supporters have been shown to work together with successive heads of the Ministry of Health “To solve very important problems that affect health personnel, such as high precariousness and temporary employment, work overload, physical and verbal attacks, etc.”

Its spokesmen insist that It is essential to promote dialogue and agreements at a time when the health system is increasingly stressed. They also emphasize that the effort being made by health professionals must be accompanied by a policy of support from the authorities that reinforces the common objective of offering the best possible health care to citizens.

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