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Health pass: everything you need to know to get it in the Caring application

Argentines and Argentines over the age of 13 who want to enter mass events must show, as of January 1, a health pass that will certify, through the “Take care” application, the status of the Covid vaccination scheme -19.

Given this requirement, which was established in Administrative Decision 1198/2021 signed by the Chief of Staff, Juan Manzur, and the Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, the application “Caring” added some functions that allow to see if the person is vaccinated, with how many doses and if they received them in the country or abroad.

“The health pass is working in a large part of the world,” explained the Chief of Staff, “we appeal to the social responsibility of the entire Argentine people to comply with and respect this type of norms” whose objective is to promote that all people complete their vaccination schemes, reduce the risks of hospitalizations and mortality from this cause and sustain the achievements made.

“It is key that we understand that we must continue to vaccinate to complete the schedules and respect all the regulations issued by the Ministry of Health of the Nation. Argentina has vaccines, they are available throughout the country, let’s not wait to get vaccinated, “said Manzur.

How to obtain the health pass?

Upon entering “Care”, each user must perform a self-diagnosis of symptoms related to the coronavirus. If you do not declare signs compatible with the disease, then you can access the main menu of the application, where you will find the “Health Information” section. In this option you will have the possibility of obtaining the data related to your vaccination process.

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It is important to know that 14 days must elapse after receiving the second dose of the vaccine for the Ministry of Health of the Nation to consider the vaccination schedule complete. The same condition can be verified if the person was vaccinated abroad with a single dose or two, depending on the type of medicine applied.

“Caring” also allows you to know if a person underwent a coronavirus test in the last 48 hours and if the result is positive or negative.

If the person had compatible symptoms and / or was close or confirmed contact with Covid-19, informed by the Ministry of Health, the application will be blocked and for 10 days they will not be able to access the certificates or another section even if they had the vaccination scheme full.

“Cuidar” is the Covid-19 coronavirus symptoms self-assessment app developed by the Ministry of Public Innovation, which depends on the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Nation.

It is a system of prevention and citizen care against the coronavirus that has been operating since April 2020 and complements the sanitary measures dictated by the Ministry of Health of the Nation.

What are the events in which the health pass will have to be presented?

The activities defined for the accreditation of the pass are:

  • Attendance at dance venues, discos or similar that take place in closed spaces.

  • Party rooms for dances, dances or the like that take place in closed spaces.

  • Group trips of graduates and graduates, of students, retirees and retirees or similar.

  • Massive events organized of more than 1,000 people that take place in open and closed spaces or outdoors.

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Where can I download the “Caring” app?

The tool can be downloaded for free from the official Android and iOS app stores.

The version of the application that must be installed is 3.6, available for download in a trial version and will be fully operational from January 1, 2022.

The correct process to update the “Caring” app, if you already had the platform downloaded to your phone previously, is to uninstall the application and reinstall it.

People who cannot access the application, as long as they are not suffering from the disease, may request from the competent jurisdictional authority the certificate of vaccination against Covid-19 in which the doses applied and notified to the Federal Vaccination Registry are recorded. Nominalized (NOMIVAC).


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