Health: The number of positive cases increased from negative to negative in Corona to 2416 cases

Today, Friday, the Ministry of Health and Population confirmed that the number of cases whose laboratory results have been transformed from positive to negative for Corona virus (Covid-19) increased to 2416 cases, including the 1945 recovered.

He added that 495 new cases, positive of laboratory analyzes of the virus, including two foreigners, were registered as part of the ministry’s surveillance and investigation procedures, according to WHO guidelines, pointing to the death of 21 new cases.

He said that all recorded cases of HIV positive in isolation and quarantine hospitals are subject to medical care, according to WHO guidelines.

He stated that the total number that was registered in Egypt with the new Corona virus until today, Friday, is 8476 cases, including 1945 cases that were cured and discharged from isolation and quarantine hospitals, and 503 deaths.

In this regard, he revealed that there are a number of governorates that have recorded a noticeable decrease in the incidence of injuries in them compared to their rates in the last two weeks, which are Damietta, South Sinai, Port Said, and the Red Sea, due to the awareness of citizens and their commitment to preventive measures, while the rate of occurrence of injuries increased from their rates during the same The period in other governorates, due to the citizens’ non-compliance with these governorates with preventive measures.

He stressed the need to adhere to social separation, reduce contact and adhere to preventive measures, in addition to drinking plenty of fluids in the period between iftar and suhoor, and ensuring a healthy diet that strengthens the immune system, calling on citizens, especially during the last two weeks of the holy month of Ramadan, before Eid Al Fitr, the necessity Modify the behaviors we are accustomed to by not going too far to go shopping, reduce gatherings, and when out of necessity all precautions must be taken, wear masks, wash hands frequently or rub them with alcohol, to reduce the chances of infection with the virus.

He pointed out that in the event of any symptoms, please promptly go to the nearest chest hospital or fevers to receive the necessary medical care. He also stressed the allocation of the hot lines 105 and 15335 to receive citizens’ inquiries, and can also communicate through WhatsApp or the Ministry’s mobile application.


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