Health, the staff will rise to 21 thousand – Health

Confrontation between the commissioner Riccardi and the unions. The freeze on hiring has been canceled. CGIL, CISL and UIL ask for stable contracts. And the distribution of anti Covid vaccines is already being organized: first the elderly and people at risk

It will rise up to 21 thousand units the number of workers in the health sector, thanks to an additional contribution of 14 million that the regional council will make available.

The councilor for health Riccardi in the confrontation with the trade unions he claims the Region’s action to overcome the spending limits on hiring. And remember how a trend has been reversed that since 2013 had recorded numbers unchanged.

In his report Riccardi spoke of at least 500 more new units in the health system and as many for the covid emergency.

Then there is the activation of the three-year degree course in health care which will make it possible to train new professionals that are precious for the system.

The commissioner also proposed an examination of the distribution of expenditure, so that it is consistent with the actual needs of the system.

I confederal secretaries of the CGIL, CISL and UIL, Pezzetta, Monticco and Menis, speak of an interlocutory meeting and intend to monitor the timing and methods of recruitment.

The type of recruitment will be fundamental for the unions since – they argue – the reinforcements arrived in the first wave of the pandemic have seen contracts expire.

CGIL, CISL and UIL urge the use of Mes funds to strengthen the staff of public health, including the prevention departments.

Finally, the anticovid vaccine, on which there was a confrontation between Riccardi and the extraordinary commissioner Arches. The campaign will start with the elderly and frail people.

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