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“Health”: We have reached the beginning of the peak and we are betting on the awareness of the people to reach touch

11:30 PM

Saturday 02 May 2020

Books- Hassan Morsi:

Dr. Hossam Hosni, head of the scientific committee to combat the Corona virus at the Ministry of Health, commented on the escalation of the numbers of cases of Corona virus, saying: “We have been betting throughout the past period on the people’s awareness of the current situation, and now we need close and strong cooperation between the people’s awareness and strong decisions.”

He added, during a telephone conversation with the media by Mays Al-Hadidi, on the “Cairo Now” program broadcast on the Al-Arabiya Al-Hadath satellite channel, on Saturday evening: “Since the beginning of Ramadan, we have noticed unsuccessful behavior in the period after the hour of the ban that comes at nine in the evening.”

And he added: “I saw youth gatherings after breakfast and a large number of children took to the streets, riding their bicycles, as if we were on vacation at the end of the year, as if they were happy times. Before Ramadan, we were hoping for a better awareness of the citizen, and now we fear Ramadan itself because of the declining awareness of the people about the risk of injury.”

He continued: “We need in the coming period to increase the penalties for violating the embargoes. The state, from the president to the cabinet, was decisive in delivering the message to the street, which is the seriousness of the situation despite the balance between the work of the economy and human health, both of which are one and a continuous circle, and all messages have been warning so far.”

He stressed that the ban has become severely violated, especially the internal streets in big cities, villages and hamlets, adding: “I do not carry the people as a result of the escalation of numbers, but we need strict penalties to penetrate the decisions of the ban and close cooperation in the awareness of the healthy citizen. Unfortunately, the people’s awareness of health is not present, the people underestimated Corona and Corona he can not be underestimated”.

He stressed that we have already reached the beginning of the peak and we hope in cooperation with the people that we will reach the level of stability soon and that the landing stage will begin.


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