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Healthy Diet 2021, Here Are 5 Natural Foods That Make Your Diet Feel Good

LENGKONG, AYOBANDUNG.COM – If one of your 2021 resolutions is to lose weight, there are a number of delicious foods you can eat on a diet.

These foods are divided into green fruits and vegetables.

Both types of food are better for healthy diet 2021 than a chemical-based diet drug. That’s because these foods are natural, they don’t damage the body, and make the diet feel good.

Launching the Times of India, Thursday (31/12/2020), here are 5 natural foods that make your diet delicious and delicious.

1. Almond nut

Protein content on almond nut can increase muscle mass without fat frills. Almond nut also contains healthy fats that help maintain and reduce body mass index.

2. Papaya

Papaya has a miracle that can reduce waist circumference. In a study, papaya has the ability to stop the body from absorbing excess fat, preventing weight gain, and flatulence.

3. Green Chili

If you’re on a weight loss program, add on green chilies in the diet will help burn fat in the body. Eating something spicy will speed up your metabolism 3 hours after consumption. According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2008, capsaicin or the active compound in chilies can remove fat in the stomach.

However, remember, there is no need for excessive consumption.

4. Green leafy vegetables

It’s time to give green leafy vegetables a chance to be available on your plate, such as spinach, lettuce, to kankung. The green color is not only loaded with iron, but also vitamins, minerals, and contains fiber.

5. Cucumber

Rich in vitamins, fiber and water, cucumbers can prevent indigestion. Consuming cucumber every day can reduce bowel problems and prevent constipation. As is well known, a smooth digestive system is very important for weight loss.


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