Healthy diet, vital to covid

Alejandro Aguilar
The World of Córdoba

Natural products to strengthen the immune system do not represent any risk but must be accompanied by a healthy diet. According to the doctor Patricio Zentella de Santiago, the ideal thing to stay strong in your body and face some contagion of covid-19 is to consume mainly vitamin C.
Ginger, cruciferous, eucalyptus, chamomile, are some of the natural products that the families of Córdoba buy to face some contagion of covid-19. Although some claim that it prevents what it really does is reduce some symptoms or strengthen the immune system.
In an interview with Patricio Zentella, he mentioned that families are betting on herbalism, also attending to the economic crisis and given the shortage of some drugs in pharmacies to strengthen health.
He pointed out that this is more recurrent in those who suffer from a chronic disease, such as diabetes, hypertension or obesity, which are a sector at greater risk of any contagion
He said that although natural products do not represent any harm to health, it is decisive that they are accompanied by good health and a balanced diet, and especially the consumption of citrus fruits, such as orange or lemon, which have vitamin C.
In addition to this, he suggested vitamin B, but emphasized that the most advisable thing is to go to the doctor or report it to health institutions at the time of any symptoms and thus treat it immediately in the event that it is confirmed to be covid-19.

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