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Heather Nauert cited D-Day as the summit of US-German relations. She is now heading to the UK.

The United Nations was created to defeat Germany. In 1942, 26 nations were jointly committed not to surrender to "wild and brutal forces seeking to enslave the world". Three-quarters of a century later, the woman who would soon become the choice of President Trump To represent the United States at the United Nations, the D-Day landings – a cornerstone of this unwavering commitment of the Allies and the foundation of the Nazi defeat on the Western Front – testify to the strength of German-American relations. "When you talk about Germany, we have very close relations with the German government," said Heather Nauert, spokesman for the state department in the United States, in June. She added: "Tomorrow is the anniversary of the D-Day invasion. We have obviously a very long history with the German government and we have a close relationship with it. She also spoke of the Marshall Plan, which rebuilt Western Europe in the ashes of Adolf Hitler's quest for world domination. The commentary of the day J raised eyebrows during the summer, when some suggested it, it showed a lack of historical understanding from the former presenter of "Fox & Friends", which had gained prominence on television during the scandal Monica Lewinsky, but had no diplomatic experience. This criticism is emerging again as she prepares to settle in New York as the United States ambassador to the United Nations, a role that President Trump is considering appointing. With this appointment, Trump will consolidate the symbiotic relationship between his administration and Fox News, from which he drew the best communications advisers as well as political ideas (which, in one case, was a topic of discussion of white nationalists). The decision to install a television personality and a spokesperson loyal to the country's top diplomats will also transform its foreign policy into an instrument of personalization in line with its "America First" program. "In terms of what we normally seek at the United Nations, his resume is very thin," David Gergen, former presidential aide, told CNN's Anderson Cooper on Thursday night. He stated that the role of the US representative was not a "communication work" but rather "a place where we conduct active diplomacy with nations around the world". Trump announced his intentions in the near future. tweet Friday morning. A senior administration official told the Washington Post Thursday that Nauert would be "an outstanding advocate of the American people at the UN. Nevertheless, his profile contrasts sharply with that of his soon-to-be-prepared counterparts, including Christoph Heusgen, of Germany, who joined the West German diplomatic service in 1980 and has since been posted to Chicago, Paris and Brussels. To give an example of a culminating point in bilateral relations between the United States and Germany, it could rather tell him the reunification of Germany in 1990 and the end of the cold war. In the 1990s, while Heusgen was advising his country's foreign affairs ministry on European affairs, Nauert led the Lewinsky scandal to center stage "in the world of talkers on Fox News Channel," as the US explain Leonard Downie Jr. and Robert G. Kaiser in their 2002 book, "The news about the news: the American journalism in danger". In 2010, while his future German colleague was serving as Foreign and Security Policy Advisor for Chancellor Angela Merkel, Nauert played herself on the eighth day. The season of the Fox series "24". Heusgen's experience is typical of United Nations ambassadors, whether they come from American partners or rival nations. Russian representative Vasily Nebenzya has three decades of experience in the diplomatic field, including time with the UN. Ma Zhaoxu, who also has 30 years of experience in foreign affairs, represents China. Britain's Karen Pierce joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 1981 and managed portfolios in the United States, Eastern Europe and Asia, before becoming Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations in 2006. The position also includes been busy in the United States. distinguished officials and specialists in foreign affairs. As a US ambassador in 1962, naval veteran Adlai Stevenson, former governor of Illinois, helped to defuse the missile crisis in Cuba. Arthur Goldberg was already a Supreme Court judge when President Lyndon B. Johnson appointed him in 1965 as head of the United States delegation to the United Nations. Richard C. Holbrooke, who had previously been ambassador to Germany, contributed to the conclusion of the 1995 Dayton Peace Agreement, ending the Bosnian war. Nikki Haley, US ambassador, had no experience in foreign policy when she was appointed by Trump last year. But she had been twice elected governor of South Carolina. Nauert, 48, will bring another background to his position on the world stage. Raised in Rockford, Illinois, daughter of a prominent leader in the insurance industry, she earned a Bachelor of Communications degree from Mount Vernon College and a Master of Journalism from Columbia.
Heather Nauert joined the State Department as a spokesperson last year after serving as a presenter and correspondent for Fox News. She is President Trump's choice for the US ambassador. (Image via YouTube) She made her journalism debut in 1996, joining Fox News two years later. Before returning to Fox in 2007, she joined some well-known brands, including ABC News. She has also worked as a lobbyist in the health insurance industry, as well as for her family's financial services company. Her The state department's biography states that she was a member of the Foreign Relations Council for an indefinite period, as part of a program aimed at "promising young leaders … to participate in a conversation." sustained on international affairs and US foreign policy. " she abroad. In 2006, she was nominated for an Emmy in the ABC special series "13 Around the World". A 2000 Washington Post profile noted his ubiquity on television and asked, "Who the hell is Heather Nauert?" "Why, apart from looking like the younger sister of another Heather (Locklear), is she on TV?" Wondered Paul Farhi of The Post newspaper. "What are some of the most important sources of inspiration for our video wisdom distributors?" Tony Snow, host of "Fox News Sunday," told Nauert, "God has made you beautiful, now you have to be smart." At the time, Nauert said that She thought she could fill a single punditry hole and that she wanted to be on the screen since the age of 16. "It's more interesting to see a young person talking about problems that a big old white, "she said She continued," If you are young and you can not support it intelligently, then people will say, "Who cares what you have to say? "My belief is, darling, let me show you what I can do." Go ahead, my daughter. "At first she was struggling to find her foot, but her big break occurred when the Lewinsky scandal erupted in 1998. "The Clinton-Lewinsky scandal has created full employment for experts of all stripes, but this has wide visibility to a subgroup of conservative young women – Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Barbara Olson, Kellyanne Fitzpatrick and Heather Nauert, "Post's Profile" While cable networks were full of discussions about sex and sexual harassment, the "pandettes", as they were called, responded to a market need: a telegenic group of women who were predictably anti-Clinton and in their own way they were decisive figures. "Bill Shine, a former Fox executive who was sidelined for being treated for harassment scandals and which is now the only One of the main White House communications assistants said at the time: "When I first saw her, I thought Heather was our population, that she could bring in young people. The New York Post announced its ascension amidst the Clinton inquiry with the following headline: "Men prefer blond experts. Nauert's comment was hardly explosive. She followed the party line, calling on the president to "tell the truth" and defending Kenneth Starr's investigation. That's her approach since she's expanded her role at Fox, including as a presenter for "Fox & Friends." It has aired just about every speech from the right under the sun, extensively documented by the liberal watchdog group. Media questions. In 2014, she warned that children of immigrants arriving in the United States were carriers of "disease". In 2015, she attacked the Environmental Protection Agency suggesting that a grant to students working on a device allowing hotels to track "Big Brother move." "Well, forget about taking a long, hot shower on vacation, and if you're going to do it privately, well, you might want to think again," she says. Nauert described illegal immigrants as immigrants to the US without status seeking to obtain an education. She spread plots about the 2012 bombings in Benghazi. In 2013, she said a Muslim girls' swimming group at a YMCA in St. Paul, Minnesota, was proof that "sharia now changes everything." She promised, "We will continue to watch this story for you." Even as a loyal aide, Nauert did not always keep the message, a year ago she issued a long statement recognizing the "Day against the impunity of journalists. "In stark contrast to the denigration of journalists by the president," the enemy of the people ", wrote Thursday evening, the spokesperson of the State Department celebrated the work of journalists. "They highlight abuses and corruption, expose threats posed by transnational criminal organizations, and counter misinformation and propaganda that spread false stories," she wrote. Read more about Morning Mix: Trump's reporters said, "THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!" A photographer from the Capital Gazette had a powerful retort. An Arizona school district has banned a campus state representative after saying that African Americans "do not get along well": "It's funny because it's true." .

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