Heaven! My teen is right …


They have always supported the left and suddenly find themselves facing a fanatic offspring of François Fillon. Testimonials from parents who saw their "baby" go right.

By Michel Dalloni Posted today at 13h39

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"Heaven, my teen is right ..."
"Heaven, my teenager is on the right …" GUILLAUME BELVÈZE FOR THE WORLD

At this time, in the car, Nicolas Demorand speaks. Every morning, the powerful voice of the host of 7/9 France Inter accompanies Geoffroy, 51 years old, engineer, and his son Quentin, 16, high school student, on the road to work. Direction Parthenay (Deux-Sèvres). It's 7:47. We're not exactly ahead. Dominique Seux, Deputy Director of the daily's editors The echoesIt goes well with its name "edito éco", consistently lambasting the excess of public spending before deploring the weight of taxation.

"And he is paid how, the guy? With the money from the audiovisual fee, no? He is inflated anyway! ", gets carried away, once again, the dad-driver. Except that this time, the son-passenger answers: " He is right. France will die under the weight of its debt. We must stop feeding this system to make margins for businesses and purchasing power for households. "

"I could have demonstrated to him the futility of austerity policies, to remind him of the privatization disaster, to talk to him about national solidarity, to discuss the program of the National Council of Resistance, comments today Geoffroy, but we were a bit fuzzy so I asked him, "Tell me, comrade, you're right or what?" He said yes and he added: "I finish at 5:45 pm You come to get me or do I take the subsidized pickup bus with your taxes? "

"For the last few months, he has been putting on his T-shirts in his pants and taking a shower a day. For Christmas, he wanted a Lacoste pink sweater. At first, we thought he was in love with Maryse, mother of Quentin, 16 years old.

Geoffroy has always voted PS with a detour "Republican" by Chirac in the second round of the 2002 presidential election and a hook of the same water to Macron in 2017. A life of left, wise but determined. And a practice of a peaceful dialogue based on openness and consensus. The Seux turn of his son Quentin, he did not see it coming. His wife, Maryse, 43, a teacher, either. Though… "For the last few months, he has been putting on his T-shirts in his pants and taking a shower a day. For Christmas, he wanted a pink sweater, Lacoste or Ralph Lauren. At first, we thought he was in love. Now we know he was changing sides "she slips. The epistemological break of the offspring, which has not yet rubbed off on the rest of the siblings – a youngest, 14 years old, a youngest, 12 years old – does not affect the couple's sense of humor.


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