Heavily beaten at La Gantoise, SC Charleroi sees its last hopes of Playoffs 2 soar

Thanks to a brace from Roman Bezus (4th, 8th), Tarik Tissoudali (64th) and Alexandre De Bruyn (86th), Ghent won 4-0 to the detriment of Charleroi during the 33rd and penultimate of the classic phase of the football championship. The Ghent thus remains in the race for the Playoffs 2 since she is 9th with 46 points just like Zulte Waregem (8th), whom she will face next Sunday. The Carolos (42 points) are 12th and are out of the race for a place in Playoffs 2.

The Buffalos took the initiative and Tissoudali immediately inherited a first opportunity which he did not take advantage of (1st). On the other hand, Bezus was luckier when his shot was deflected by Dorian Dessoleil and Rémy Descamps recovered the ball clearly behind the line (4th, 1-0). This first goal of the Ukrainian season was quickly followed by a second: Bezus converted a penalty he received following contact with Cédric Kipré (8th, 2-0).

The Carolos were stunned and it took a while before they set foot in the opposing zone. However, on a free kick awarded for a foul by Andreas Hanche-Olsen on Mamadou Fall, Marco Ilaimaharitra did not bring any danger while on the very rapid offensive conversion of the Ghent residents, Dessoleil had to concede a new corner kick (24th) . The first real zebra danger came from Shamar Nicholson, whose shot missed the right post of Sinan Bolat (31st). On resumption, Karim Belhocine released a defender, Jules Van Cleemput, for a striker, Lukasz Teodorczyk (46th), who directly gave concern to Elisha Owusu (47th). Charleroi returned from the locker room with more energy and on a cross from Joris Kayembe badly negotiated by Bolat, the ball arrived at Ilaimaharitra whose shot on target was rejected by Bruno Godeau (51st). With Massimo Bruno in place of Fall (58th), the Zebras continued to annoy the Ghent defense, which did well with a free kick from Ilaimaharitra (61st). On the precision side, the Buffalos were more spirited and on a service from Vadis Odjidja, Tissoudali took away from the Carolos all their last hopes (64th, 3-0). However, that did not stop Ali Gholizadeh from filming the entire Ghent defense before putting the ball in the back. But on intervention of the VAR, the referee Nathan Verboomen refused the goal (69th).

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At the Gantois, De Bruyn was particularly smiling since he scored during his first climb to the game (83rd) following an injury incurred in August 2020 (86th, 4-0).


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