Hegerberg, a woman of his word


To the Barça a Saturday awaits you Lyon full of stars. Among them will not lack the best player in the world: Ada Hegerberg. The winner of Golden Ball, 23, will be the great threat of the Catalans in their dream to conquer the Champions in Budapest. That final will be the last challenge of the season of the popular scorer, the great absentee of the world of France.

How is it possible that best soccer player in the world miss the most important appointment? The answer is simple. Hegerberg is a woman of word. He promised that he would not go to the World Cup if the conditions of men and women were not equated and he has complied. A couple of weeks ago the Norwegian coach Martin Sjogren announced the list of summoned and confirmed what everyone feared. There was no going back. On June 8 the Nordic team will debut in Reims against Nigeria without its star The same day will be released Spain against South Africa.

Salary pact

The news was the confirmation of the insinuated by the scorer by in 2017. «Football is the most important sport of Norway for girls and it has been for years, but girls do not have the same opportunities as boys. It is something that has to change, "he remarked on his social networks. Hegerberg was referring to a thousand things, starting with the money and ending in the displacements, passing through infrastructure and all kinds of discriminations. Or there was a radical change or Ada would not be in the World Cup.

His strong involvement served, at least, for the federation to take note and get a pact of pay equality. But she did not settle. its challenge continues and his absence in the World Cup is a setback for the tournament, especially for the tremendous pull that has the figure of Lyon in France.

Sacrifices needed

«I know what I want and I know my values. It is easy to make difficult decisions when you know what values ​​you defend. Is about Be honest, to be yourself, "Hegerberg explained on CNN last December. «It's not all the money. It's about the preparation, the professionalism, very clear points that I presented directly to the federation when I made the decision. My mother he gave me sister and to me the confidence and the courage to use our voice and be able to do sacrifices in our race so that the next generations grow with the best conditions ».

Author of 41 goals in 45 Champions League matches in her career, she is one of the dreams of Barça to continue improving the template. His character was already evident in the Golden Ball gala Paris, in which he addressed all the young women: «Believe in you, never stop».

Soon after, the DJ Martin Solveig he asked if he knew twerking, that dance known as perreo for his varied and sensual movements. The answer was blunt: "No". The same one that the Norwegian federation took in its last attempt to take it to the World Cup.



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