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Heidi Klum (ProSieben / GNTM) presents her daughters – amazing detail is revealed

We rarely see the two Klum daughters Lou and Leni. Heidi is now dancing with the two of them on Instagram – and is surprised herself.

  • The Patchwork family from Heidi Klum presents herself dancing on Instagram
  • The Model Mother shows unusual private insights
  • In a picture she shows herself with her Daughters Leni and Lou – she poses Amazing fest

The Angels – You can currently use the Klums at the To dance watch. The Corona-Pandemie seems the Patchwork family welded together and makes for unusual private insights. Usually Heidi Klum is on social media very strict As for the faces of their offspring: With Emojis and Stickers she protects her children in Videos and Photos before the Publicity. On Instagram loosens Mama Klum now for the first time: only Face masks cover up their two daughters Lou and Leni.

Leni (16) had recently caused a stir herself because she was on her own Instagram-Account their face showed and also a image with your Step-Daddy Tom Kaulitz posted. Also stayed here Mouth and nose but behind one mask hidden. Lou, the youngest of the Klum children, is seen much less often online. She is all the more delighted Instagram community about the Video from Mama Heidi and a suitable photo Sister Leni‘s account. It’s hailing Likes and birthday congratulations.

Model genes: Leni and Lou dance with mom Heidi Klum on Instagram – she finds amazing

On Friday was the our daughter from Heidi Klum and Seal eleven years old: reason to swing your hips. As the Organ pfeifen stand Heidi Klum, daughter Leni and Lou next to each other and rock with the music. Heidi Klum is also amazed at how big the two Klum daughters are now. “When your girls are almost as tall as you,” she says Model Mother surprised firmly. Also a cute baby picture the little one Lou may not be missing for reasons of sentimentality. Mama Heidi is definitely very proud.

Also Leni and Lou seem to be doing it Mama Heidis Model-Gene to have gotten. Not only is it impressive how great they are with theirs elf and 16 years are already, the characters of the two also scream Model measurements. But it’s no wonder: Believe it Heidis Instagram-Feed, after all, the family is regularly dancing. The girls danced along to “Gimme, gimme, gimme a man after midnight” Mama Heidi and Choreograf Miguel Zárate happy in the sunset.

Rubriclistenbild: © Sanjin Strukic / dpa / picture alliance

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