Friday, 14 Dec 2018

Helene Fischer refers to rapper appearance as “shameful”

After the scandal over the Echo award for a criticized as anti-Semitic Rap album by Kollegah and Farid Bang Echo record winner Helene Fischer turns on as well. She had found it “inappropriate and shameful”, “to see the two perform at the award ceremony on stage in this way,” wrote the pop singer on Thursday evening on Facebook.

For years, this music award was an audience prize that one could be proud of. She was very happy about each one, wrote the 17-time winner: “Nevertheless, I think, one should have previously considered whether violence, hatred and anger must give such a large presence on television. I suppose you agree with me when I say no. ”

“To win the echo is perhaps one thing, the two also occur there and to have their show done, I found personally depressing,” wrote Fischer. She personally values ​​”values ​​such as humanity, tolerance, respect and non-violence” – “no matter what you believe, where you’re from, what color you have or who you love”.

Fischer sees her responsibility as an artist and role model

It is a pity that the provocation of the rappers caused so much promotion. “Not only did they offer a podium to their violent, anti-Semitic, homophobic and feminine-despising texts … the meaning of the Echo has thus completely disappeared …” she hopes “that all those responsible will rethink the implementation of the Echo “. For them, this year “an ethical border has been clearly crossed,” Fischer wrote.

Media had previously criticized Fischer, because they are too the political debate initially had not commented. The singer now wrote that it annoys her that the whole theme has been repeatedly linked to her name. She has now broken her alleged silence: “This topic just bothers me too much. Since I am fully aware of my responsibility as an artist and perhaps also as a role model for younger generations, I am now addressing you directly. ” (AP)

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