Helmut Marco praises Ferrari for contract with Sainz

Helmut Marco, a Red Bull motorsport consultant, approved Ferrari’s decision to sign a contract with Carlos Sainz, who had previously been part of the Red Bull youth program. At the same time, the Austrian noted that Sainz will have a hard time on the same team with Charles Lecler.

Helmut Marko: “First of all, it should be noted that Carlos is a great guy. Moreover, he is smart and fast. At one time, he was simply unlucky that Max Verstappen was playing on our team at the same time.

I am convinced that inviting Carlos will benefit Ferrari. If Carlos wants to become a racer who wins races, then he will have to learn how to overcome difficulties, such as the struggle with Charles Lecler.

Why didn’t we take Sainz? Because we have Max. Our policy is to have the best racer with a good teammate in the team. ”

Marco noted that he continues to contact Sebastian Vettel: “We communicate at least once a month. Sebastian is a talented and very successful racer. Does he want to pursue a career? I dont know. Only he can make a decision. ”


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