Monday, 10 Dec 2018

Heloise tips: Are your hoses under pressure?

Dear readers: Temperatures should now be cool in most of the country. Have you thought about pipes in your home? The water expands in cold weather – this can put pressure on your pipes.

Which pipes may freeze? Pipes on uninsulated outer walls, pipes in unheated areas of your home, such as the basement, and outdoor pipes for your pool or sprinkler system. Here are some tips to help you keep hot and hot pipes:

● Keeping the doors of kitchen and bathroom cabinets open can allow hot air to circulate (place chemicals away from curious children and pets).

● When outside temperatures drop, a dripping faucet can help prevent freezing of the pipes.

● Are you going on vacation? Experts agree: do not let your home temperature go below 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

For more tips on hoses, contact a licensed plumber in your area.

Dear Heloise, This week, we tried to make me exchange a purchase, then another to charge a regular price on an item for sale.

I think it 's just because I am an elderly person and I have vulnerable air. Be on the lookout!

L.B.B. in San Antonio

L.B.B. in San Antonio: Always check your receipts to make sure the exact amount is charged.

Dear Heloise, I've recently seen a letter in your column on the tip of the maintenance staff. Hotel and motels room maids are among the lowest-paid and most labor-intensive women in the labor market. Many are single mothers who support their families and earn just enough to make ends meet.

When leaving, we always leave money on the pillow.

E.S., Redondo Beach, California

E.S .: The etiquette rules state that domestic servants must be tipped between $ 2 and $ 5 a day, as you may have different servants. Tip every day and leave the tip in a labeled envelope.

Dear Heloise, My parents owned a shop. They instilled in us the importance of being attentive to the customer. Be nice and kind.

Four students from the upper secondary class (as a fundraiser in class) would come to work in the store and a percentage of the profits would go to the class.

Jeannette F., Rochester, N.Y.

P.S. I remember that my father had taught one of the boys how to tie his tie!

Jeannette F .: Wonderful lessons learned!

Dear Heloise, As a former illustrator and greeting card designer, I appreciate the artistic talent and the work needed to create beautiful cards.

Therefore, I recycle the cards using the illustrated cover page as a gift tag. I cut the lid of the card and write the letters "To" and "From" and attach them to the gift.

A reader, by email

Dear Heloise, I like to hang up on my text messages. They are time stamped and dated, and I can come back to check a lot of things.

Maria M. in Pennsylvania

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