“Help me” comes true… Afghan Athletes Arrive in Tokyo (2021.08.29/News Desk/MBC) – MBCNEWS

  1. “Help me” comes true… Afghan players arrive in Tokyo (2021.0/8/29/News Desk/MBC) MBCNEWS
  2. “Please hold my hand”… Two Afghan Paralympic athletes arrive in Tokyo to ‘escape Kabul’ Hankyoreh
  3. “Afghan escapees arrive at Tokyo Athletes’ Village… can participate in competitions” MBC News
  4. ‘Escape from Kabul’ Afghan taekwondo and track and field athlete arrives in Tokyo on the 28th… Paralympic participation – Chosun Ilbo Chosun Ilbo
  5. ‘By the power of solidarity’… Afghanistan participates in dramatic Paralympic Games / SBS SBS News
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