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Massage is a professional skill, but due to close physical contact, a small number of unscrupulous people may use it to “eat tofu”, leading to controversies such as sexual harassment. A few days ago, a masseur in her 20s in Guangdong Province, China met her 42-year-old aunt. When he saw the other person’s good body shape, he couldn’t bear it for a while, and the two went on to have sex, but the development afterwards was quite embarrassing.

▲The two parties have disputes arising from massage. (Schematic diagram, not at the time/photographed from Pixabay)

Ms. Lin, who lives in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China, one day the party ended and drank a lot of alcohol, but she still came to this massage shop for massage as usual, and named the young Li Nan to help him. During the massage, the Lin girl with flushed cheeks took off her clothes, suggesting that she could “further interact.” Li Nan, who is in his twenties, is full of blood, so how can he stand the teasing of his aunt, and the two have a sexual relationship.

Afterwards, Li Nan seemed to be too honest, and casually said, “Auntie is so old that she is out of style. It is really cheap to meet me.” As soon as she heard about the age problem, Lin Nv Miao was irritated, pointed at Li Nan and threatened to rape him, causing him to lose his job and go to jail. These words made Li Nan panic, and hurriedly said that he was joking, and used 10,000 yuan (about NT$43,000) as a hush fee to let Lin Nv calm down. As a result, the momentary gaffe not only lost money, but also almost lost his job. It was completely “losing my wife and breaking down.”

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