Henry Cavill could be Arthas in a new Warcraft movie


Warcraft As many of you already know, he had a movie a few years ago, although his art and the construction of his world was something interesting to see, it was not what the fans expected from one of the most complex stories of Blizzard.

Despite the general feeling, the first movie of Warcraft managed to raise more than 439 million dollars worldwide, making it one of the best productions derived from a video game to date.

It has recently been rumored that Blizzard will retry a zoom on the big screen with Warcraft, and what would be anda in production by the hand of Legendary and that the same Chris Metzen would have Retweeted on this matter.

Although it is still somewhat premature to venture into the story that this film could contain, several have already been making assumptions about what would be the arc that this new blockbuster would address.

And although it seems obvious, eyes have been focused, at least on the fans, on the history of Warcraft 3 and specifically the transformation of Arthas Menethil in the dreaded Lich King and even already several, including Chris Metzen, they would be applying to Henry Cavill in the role of the prince of Lordaeron.

Recently the artist BossLogic, known for mixing worlds and making great graphic pieces in the video game industry, took as inspiration an image where Henry Cavill, in his role as Geralt de Rivia, displayed the Warlock’s new armor and transformed it to make it look like the Lich King, publication where we can see the same Cavill mention Blizzard.

Warcraft Arthan Henry Cavill

As we mentioned, it is still a bit hasty to draw conclusions about what the next movie of Warcraft, and if it is actually in production, be that as it may, if this is real we could find out already in the next year or even in Blizzcon Online, which is dated February 2021.

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