her moving tribute to “Faby”, former guest of It starts today, who died of cancer (VIDEO)

The host of It starts today Faustine Bollaert concluded the program of this Friday, November 20 with a solemn and moving tribute to a strong figure of her daily meeting, who was fighting against cancer.

It’s a It starts today who shed many tears this Friday, November 20. Indeed, the host of the daily show of France 2 Faustine Bollaert received the very moving testimonies of women who had come close to death. Among the guests, some Bahia, now 24 years old. This courageous young lady has the particularity ofhaving survived an air crash in 2009 in the Comoros, where she was going for the wedding of a member of her family. His mother, who accompanied him, died in this tragic accident which claimed the lives of 150 people. But her daughter miraculously emerged from it unscathed, after hanging on for ten hours to one of the wreckage of the aircraft floating in the open sea, off the coast. As strange as it may seem, the young woman, who has published a book on her story, explains that she did not feel any physical pain, nor the cold of the frozen water that froze her body, until fishermen came. help him. “I had injuries, one of my eyes was swollen, on my feet my skin looked strange to me … I knew I had had some injuries”, she simply remembers.

“Thank you for all these shared moments”

Despite the very hard trials and this moving story, Bahia has managed to stay strong and she is now pursuing a career in real estate. She follows a peaceful life, not devoid of travel, since she says she does not have a phobia of flying. It is with these words that Faustine Bollaert closed this program. But she, in turn, wanted to send an extremely sad message. The wife of the writer Maxime Chattam greeted the memory of Faby Perier, to whom she sent her “loving thoughts”. “Faby, it was one of our courageous guests who passed away last night after fighting her cancer to the end. We will not forget her smile, her joie de vivre, her songs. We think infinitely. to her and her family. Thank you for everything Faby, and for all these shared moments “. During this final tribute, a photo of the deceased wearing her red Gavroche cap, who had faced more than ten years during metastatic cancer, was shown on the screen.

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