her new hairstyle delighted her fans

The 51-year-old American star amazed her 115 million fans by sharing her photo with a new haircut. Follow her hair transformation!

Jennifer Lopez shared her new trendy cut

Has she knocked again? The singer once again changes her cut to short square. His professional hairdresser Chris Appleton posted this latest look on Instagram. The star appears with a choppy cut, wavy hair with a side parting. The wide wick, highlighting part of her pretty eyes, also unfolds in a large wave.

The length of her hair is close to collarbone lob, its shoulder square which continues to be all the rage for a few months. American magazines qualify his last cut as the shortest since his career in music. In any case, she is returning to the length she displayed in 2005 when she changed it to a personalized smooth bob in hair flip.

Her hairdresser captioned the image: “J.LO, don’t be too intense! “ , as viewers react “Admirable, that suits you very well!” “. Other rumors also panic the social networks, which point to his resemblance to the media personality Kim Kardashian. And for that, they really share the same hair stylist.

The Latin American star posted her curly lengths on her Instagram account

Fan of smooth and long hair, Jennifer Lopez has decided to opt for a new particular cut. During the recording at the studio, the star revealed, in full rehearsal, a ultra-trendy cut. While she used to adopt a smooth hair, the singer finally styled with a natural wavy effect.

Its curly lengths show a very nice movement with a unique very glamorous effect. Want to crack everything for this new cut? Choose without hesitation this mid-length layered bob which perfectly enhances the beauty of the face after 50 years.

Regarding coloring, the artist wanted to remain neutral: a golden blonde highlights which she tends to wear with dark roots to create a great contrast and give her hair even more depth.

The singer reveals her extra-flat stomach on social networks

Jennifer Lopez is absolutely not her age and intends to prove it to the world. Often active on social networks, she does not stop showing her body on Instagram like other celebrities. With his ultra flat stomach, the singer always remains on top despite the years and the children.

The artist must undoubtedly follow a training worthy of a professional athlete to show such a line to his degree of maturity. Not that the Latin American star is a granny, but at 51, understand that she no longer has the body of her 21 years. However, the singer does not hesitate to reveal her abs in reinforced concrete in a single shot taken by famous stylist Rob Zangardi.

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