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Herbivorous dinosaur fossils have been found throughout Japan

KOMPAS.com – Millions of years ago, bipedal dinosaurs hid on the shores of the Asian continent. Discoveries of herbivorous dinosaur fossils in Japan show traces of ancient animals in the Asian region.

This dinosaur has a knife-like finger, which is used to cut plants rather than remove the contents of its animals.

This type of dinosaur found in Japan belongs to a group known as therizinosaurus, a three-legged bipedal dinosaur.

These herbivorous dinosaurs lived during the Cretaceous period, about 145 million to 66 million years ago.

Recently, researchers from Japan and the United States described the smallest therizinosaurus fossil ever found in Japan.

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This dinosaur fossil in Japan is the first to be found in Asia in marine sediments.

The dinosaur fossil represents a newly described species, and researchers have named it Paralitherizinosaurus japonicus.

These findings were published online online on May 3 in the newspaper Scientific reports.

The fossil-shaped hook, which includes part of the spine, part of the wrist and front legs, was discovered by a different research team in 2008.

Since then, the fossil has been kept in the collection of the Nakagawa Museum of Natural History in Hokkaido, Japan.

Japanese scientists have discovered dinosaur species in Nakagawa, a district of Hokkaido located in the northernmost part of Japan’s main islands, a place known for its rich fossil deposits.

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This dinosaur fossil in Japan has been found encased in concrete. Recent studies of many other fossils discovered and described over the years have helped to classify fossils based on the shape of their front paws.

According to the analysis, the study author concluded that the fossil, which is just less than 10 cm long, belongs to a therizinosaurus that lived about 80-82 million years ago.

Jellyfish bones were once claws resembling dinosaur swords, used to comb through plant vegetation.

“[Dinozò sa a]used its claws as a feeding tool, not an aggression tool, to pull bushes and trees closer to its mouth, “said study co-author Anthony Fiorillo, a research professor in the Roy M. Hunffington Department of Science. Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

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In addition, therizinosaurus fossils have been found throughout Asia and North America, particularly in what is now Denali National Park and Alaska Reserves.

Over time, these animals adapt to living in a coastal environment.

However, based on existing specimens, it is impossible to know for sure how large tehrizinosaurs were.

Scientists have confirmed that this dinosaur was quite large, perhaps similar to hadrosaurs that could grow to a length of 9 meters and weigh up to 3 tons.

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