Here are Cyberpunk 2077s updated PC requirements

In, Cyberpunk 2077 has not yet been launched. However, CD Projekt RED is constantly pushing away with more information about the experience, and now the developer has revealed what kind of rig you need to run the game on PC.

The updated PC requirements were posted on Twitter Friday. Among other things, the team explains that you need an Nvidia RTX 3080 card and to thin out the best graphics from the world of Cyberpunk.

For those who have a simpler machine, there is admittedly nothing to fear. GTX 780 or Radeon RX 470 keeps running the game with the lowest graphics settings. You can see the complete list of requirements in the image below.

Here are the PC requirements for Cyberpunk 2077. Photo: CD Project RED

Latest trailer

The announcement of the PC requirements follows the latest, and apparently very latest, edition of Night City Wire. This week’s video presentation was mainly about the Keanu Reeves character Johnny SIlverhand, and showed various clips where he is involved.

CD Project RED also showed the console version for the first time this week. The console trailer revealed how the game will look on Xbox One X and Xbox Series X, while a PlayStation-focused video is supposed to come later.

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