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Here are the prices of Toyota’s first electric car

Toyota’s first battery-electric passenger car, designed as an electric car from scratch, is on its way. The newcomer Bz4x is an SUV with four-wheel drive, built on the e-TNGA platform.

The price starts at 400,000 kroner. This for the version with front-wheel drive. If you have four-wheel drive, the starting price is 427,000 kroner. This without shipping and delivery costs.

Reservations are open, but contracts are not counted until April. The first deliveries take place in June.

With front-wheel drive, the car has a 150 kilowatt engine with torque of 265 newton meters. With four-wheel drive, the engine power is 160 kilowatts (80 kW + 80 kW) and torque of up to 336 newton meters. Zero to one hundred runs in 7.5 and 6.9 seconds, respectively.

The battery capacity is 71.4 kilowatt hours, with a range of over 450 kilometers.

The car is fast charged with an output of up to 150 kilowatts. According to Toyota, it takes half an hour to charge the car to 80 percent. The car can be delivered with an 11 kilowatt on board charger, but not before the fourth quarter.

One million kilometers

The car is marketed with a sensational battery warranty of ten years or one million kilometers. But here it is important to get what is written in small print: It requires an annual health check of the battery carried out at an authorized Toyota workshop.

Toyota will only take action if the battery capacity falls below 70 percent of the original capacity.

By the way, the car is first out with so-called steer-by-wire. This means that there is no mechanical coupling between the steering wheel and the wheels. An advantage of this is that it frees up interior space, which in this car according to Toyota should provide better legroom and make it easier to get in and out of the car.

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Another advantage is that the control characteristics can be changed as needed. The car can also be delivered with a “steering lever” not unlike the new Tesla Model S and X. The steering wheel is called “One Motion Grip” and will be available as an option at a later date.

Toyota Bz4x is Toyota’s first all-electric battery car. Foto: Jayson Fong


Toyota places particular emphasis on the four-wheel drive system X-Mode, which has been developed in collaboration with Subaru. Subaru’s upcoming Solterra therefore has the same system. Not surprisingly, since the two are built on the same platform and are very similar.

The X-mode system allows the driver to manually select driving modes for various conditions, such as snow and slush at less than 20 kilometers per hour and off-road at less than 10 kilometers per hour.

Otherwise, the Bz4x has advanced driver support systems, including the option of automatic parking without the driver sitting in the car.

The infotainment system is equipped with a 12-inch screen and has a grid-connected navigation system, which Toyota promises will have electric car-specific functions such as range display and information about charging stations.

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