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here is its effect on vaccines within two weeks – Libero Quotidiano

Against Omicron the vaccines currently in circulation they can’t completely protect us. To confirm what until now was only a worrying hypothesis, the International Coalition of Regulatory Authorities for Medicines (Icmra), of which Aifa is also a member. The expert evidence is all contained within a report. The study analyzed several cases, such as that of Israel. Here, from 40 percent of positive cases, it emerged that the Delta-Omicron transition occurred very quickly, within two weeks. Not only that, the decline in the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine has occurred starting from the second week of December 2021 and in all age groups.

The decrease in protection, however, is what has been discovered in Canada and Great Britain, can be stopped by a recall. The booster can therefore restore high levels of protection in the period immediately following the administration of the vaccine. “By examining the data on the impact of Omicron – comments the European Medicines Agency – the participants concluded that the current vaccines offer less protection against infections and mild diseases caused by this variant. However, vaccination continues to offer significant protection from hospitalization and severe Covid-19 with Omicron, especially after a booster dose. It is becoming increasingly clear that a booster dose is needed to extend vaccine protection. “

The same Andrea Crisanti, professor of microbiology at the University of Padua, recalled that “if we had a vaccine capable of inducing an immunity of 2-3 years, today we would not be in this situation”. Hence the need to produce new serums.

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