“Here, it’s even more than the new square, there are even more people”

Many young people gathered this Wednesday afternoon at the Parc de la Boverie, in Liège, taking advantage of the last sunny day before the arrival of the rain in Belgium. Need to “release the pressure”, to “take full advantage”, the people on site had every intention of taking advantage of this reunion. At the beginning of the evening, the atmosphere was rather good-natured, and no overflow was deplored. However, several police vehicles are also present on the scene, at the entrance to the park.

According to a police source, between 2,000 and 3,000 students and young people from Liège decided, once again, to meet in the open air in the green setting of the Liège park. While the coronavirus epidemic tends to stabilize after a rebound observed in recent weeks, the measurements of physical distance and wearing of the mask are relatively respected. While some appear close to each other with their faces uncovered, others wear the mask despite the festive atmosphere on the premises.

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About twenty police cars are parked at the start of this green space well known to the people of Liège. The police do not intervene but controls are carried out at the entrance to the park because alcohol is prohibited within the park.

That’s enough

Discussions are going well on the spot, with music playing music on loudspeakers and the voices of all these people who meet. Sometimes with a can or bottle of alcohol in hand, the young people we meet there express their overdose of moments spent face to face with their computer. “We only live from school, we go home, school, sleep and that’s it“, testifies a young person.”Now we just want to go out and enjoy it. That’s enough“, adds one of his friends.”There is no more activity, nothing more to do. We don’t live anymore.

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More surprisingly, some have compared the atmosphere of Parc de la Boverie in recent days to that of Le Carré, where the bars and streets have been deserted for many months. “It’s even more than the new square, there are even more people. As you can see, the forces did everything, but it was impossible, there are too many people“, smiles another party animal, visibly happy to find this atmosphere again.

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