“Here, the one who does not steal is the toxin”, tells a robber

The Carolo present in the documentary is Nunzio Scarcella, or Dino Scarcella as he calls himself. The man is from Marchienne-au-Pont and has a famous record! However, the report explains that these thugs do not have blood on their hands …

On the other hand, M6 did not mince words to describe the city of Charleroi: “Even today, Charleroi is designated as the fourth world of Belgium. Territory at a standstill, abandoned. “

>> The robber looks back on his life in Marchienne-au-Pont: “Here, the one who does not steal is the toxin. “

>> The words used to describe Charleroi are terrible: we contacted the director for an explanation.

>> On the side of the burgomaster, it is radio silence …


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