Here’s a Safe and Healthy Breastfeeding Mother’s Diet

Illustration of a breastfeeding mother’s diet (Source: Freepik)
Diet breastfeeding mothers safe and healthy must be the target of the busui so that the body can return to its previous form. After give birthOf course, most of the Mamas here have experienced changes in their bodies.

But wait, Ma, considering that I’m currently breastfeeding, following an unsafe diet can affect milk production. Moreover, for example by taking weight loss drugs. This is absolutely not allowed, Ma!

So what is the safe and healthy diet for breastfeeding mothers? Mama can reduce weight little by little, but milk production is maintained. Check out the tips here!

Safe and Healthy Breastfeeding Diet

1. Pay attention to food intake

Illustration of a breastfeeding mother’s diet (Source: Freepik)

For those of you who are still breastfeeding, actually we still need a lot of energy so that milk production remains smooth. The concept of diet for pregnant women is not actually reducing food to the extreme, but more about paying attention to the food intake consumed.

The types of foods that are good for breastfeeding mothers include complex carbohydrates, fruits, green vegetables, and protein. Sources of protein that are recommended for breastfeeding mothers, for example, chicken, fish, nuts, and seeds.

2. Change the way of serving food

If you’ve always preferred to eat fried. During breastfeeding, you can change the cooking method or serve it by boiling. Because, boiled food can reduce the number of calories contained in the oil.

But it should be noted, Ma, for vegetables, Mama does not need to boil them for too long so as not to lose the vitamin content in them.

3. Drink a lot of White Water

Illustration of a breastfeeding mother’s diet (Source: Freepik)

When breastfeeding, the body gets tired quickly, right Ma? Naturally, because when breastfeeding we tend to lose more body fluids. Therefore, you have to make sure your body gets enough fluid intake.

If we usually drink 8 glasses per day. For breastfeeding mothers, of course, you need to drink more than that. Never delay drinking water when you feel thirsty.

4. Regular Eating Patterns

This is also important to note for mothers who are breastfeeding. In order not to reduce the quality of breast milk, Mama must adopt a regular diet. A breastfeeding mother’s diet does not mean that you delay eating. Instead, you have to make sure your body always gets good nutrition when breastfeeding.

5. Avoid Some Types of Food and Drinks

When you are breastfeeding, you should avoid fast food or those that contain a lot of MSG. In addition, Mama should also not consume drinks that contain caffeine. Examples of foods and drinks that contain lots of caffeine are coffee, tea, chocolate, and soda.

For the mothers here who really like to drink coffee or tea, it is necessary to pay attention to the dose so that it is not too much in one day.

Not only caffeine, alcohol is also very dangerous for nursing mothers. The problem is that alcohol contains the hormone oxytocin which can cause disruption of milk production.

There are still many mothers here who are afraid to start exercising while breastfeeding, right? Even though sports activities will not interfere with the production of ASl. Precisely with regular exercise, you can find a lot of benefits.

There are many sports that are safe for breastfeeding mothers, such as leisurely walks, gymnastics, pilates, or simply cycling around the complex. You can also do swimming while bringing your little one. So, don’t you hesitate anymore to exercise during breastfeeding?

It’s not complicated, Ma’m actually a breastfeeding mother’s diet. The important thing to remember is that a breastfeeding mother’s diet does not mean cutting calories or making the weight go down drastically. Because, it will affect the quality of breast milk. Apply a healthy diet, don’t forget to exercise, and stay happy Ma’am during the breastfeeding process. Cheers to all ASI fighters!

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