Here’s how to do the perfect squat: what you need to know

The squats they are one of the most complete exercises you can do. It is one of the most complete on a global level and, although it is difficult, we are going to tell you all the details so that you know the perfect execution and the mistakes you should not make.

We have talked to Jonathan Mengeli |, also known for Coach Z, one of the most famous Nike Trainer globally who gives us the details to make them perfectly. “The key is to have good hip and knee mobility. It is about doing a squat that does not cause injury “, tells us.

“For it, the back has to be as straight as possible and keep your pecs open. Will help us take in air when going down and take it out when going up. Anyway, keep in mind that we are all different, then the perfect squat will be the one your body allows “, something that quickly clears up.

Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make When Squatting

  • Try to squat on the balls of your feet.
  • Have a curved back.
  • Lose posture with fatigue and continue anyway.
  • Use only the strength of the legs … you have to use the abdomen.
  • Not just any shoe is good for squats.

Squats: with or without weight?

Both options are good. For a beginner, it is best to do it without weight to get the proper position during the movement. Depending on our objectives, we can add weight over time (for example, increase muscle mass, run faster, tone …)

The squat is the best exercise to get in shape without making a lot of effort

I personally believe that is one of the best because it activates the whole body and depending on the intensity we can work on strength, resistance and mobility.

Benefits of squats

They improve core and cardio, help burn a lot of calories and, very importantly, in terms of health, help to work better the joints, bones and strengthen ligaments. They even help increase your testosterone level. And finally, the good thing is that they can be done anywhere and without material!

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