Herrera, on the back of Valdeón to Igea: «I have received a stab wound»


The president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Juan Vicente Herrera, acknowledged yesterday that he had received "a stab wound", referring, without citing it, to the decision of the former vice president of the regional government, Rosa Valdeón, to show her public support for the candidate of Citizens Francisco Igea.

During an election in Leon, Herrera, who has never appointed Valdeón or referred to the specific decision of his former vice president, remarked that "in politics," loyalty is always a value. "« Today I want to say One thing here: Now I close my political career, but I guarantee you that I will never leave the PP because it is my home, "he said.

This morning, he responded to criticism and comments this morning with a tweet: "Political activity is carried out by human beings who think, do and feel as such. Sometimes, even with their own criteria, "said the ex-popular, who also added in the same message that" you can leave "the exercise of this activity -politics-, but" never "the" personal and social commitment. "

"This has nothing to do with my return to politics. It has to be seen as a personal commitment to a person who I think has given his face and has surrounded himself with a good team, "said Valdeón yesterday when he left to see Igea. It is more, a commitment, he said, with a person who defends what she has always defended: transparency, end caciquismos and corruption.

Rosa Valdeón trusted that this gesture does not turn her into a media focus, and if someone does it, it will be because she does not know where to give. «Whoever wants to see these readings so that he sees them». "I do not go on any list," he said, and stressed that she does not feel uncomfortable because she had supported good friends of her in the PP in the same way if they had invited her, although, ironically, she does not. At the time he was saying these words, the PP candidate, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, held a rally a few meters from the Plaza de Viriato, in the Ramos Carrión Theater.


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