“Hidden Truths” has a return date to Mega and with new chapters

A month ago, the screenwriter of “Hidden Truths” anticipated his return. Sebastian Arrau, He assured that the Mega TV series was already working on the plot of the new episodes and his return would be imminent.

“We are in the stage of making the next season, I contribute by throwing ideas and make suggestions. And all this is for a practical thing, the scriptwriters had not had a vacation for a long time, “he declared on the podcast. “Impact on the face”.

And the return of “Hidden Truths” is already a fact. After leaving the screen in May, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the production prepares the white march of what will be the return to the recordings.

According BioBioChile, The TV series will not only film again, but also already has a return date to the Mega screen. This would be during the second week of October, thus resuming the story that had been left unfinished.

Camila Hirane and the future of “Hidden Truths”

Some time ago, Camila Hirane, actress and star of the Mega TV series, commented that they were already preparing to return to the recordings.

We will re-record now soon, as soon as the quarantine is lifted. We are studying the protocols, we have had meetings with nurses, coordinating the PCR tests. We are really getting ready to come back, ”declared the actress on the Instagram program“ Respondió Tu Historia ”by Rodrigo Canobra.

About the plot, tosafe that there is still much to tell and he spoke of the idea of ​​giving a well-deserved ending to the most successful afternoon telenovela on Chilean television.

I feel with a feeling of debt, there are many people who have been accompanying us for years and these people deserve an ending and continuity that this soap opera is resolved and that it continues until it ends as God intended. I feel super responsible with that loyal audience that follows us ”, closed the protagonist of“ Hidden Truths ”.

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