“High-protein and unbalanced. It can be dangerous”

“Certainly by cutting carbohydrates and calories you lose weight. But at that point a ketogenic diet is better”, explains Dr. Emanuela Russo

There is a diet that has been around the web for some time and promises to lose several kilos (even nine) in just two weeks: let’s talk about diet Plank. But can it really be an option for those who want to lose weight? “It is a high-protein and highly unbalanced diet”, Dr. Emanuela Russo, INCO dietician (National Institute for the Treatment of Obesity) of the IRCCS Policlinico San Donato in Milan, points out to Gazzetta Active. “Certainly by cutting down on carbohydrates and calories, you lose weight. But then a ketogenic diet is better. Also because the Plank diet does not include a maintenance period: it is based on two weeks of restriction and then that’s it ”.

What does the Plank diet consist of?
“The promise is to lose as much as nine kilos in two weeks by eating mostly animal protein. Furthermore, the weight, according to its creators, should then remain constant for three years. It is obvious that it is extremely difficult for you to maintain weight by replenishing all other foods and above all with a normal and not so restrictive calorie intake. There chetogenica diet, for example, which also provides for a drastic reduction in carbohydrate intake, in the long term it works because it has a maintenance phase and, above all, is calibrated on the subject who does it “.

What foods are allowed in the Plank diet?
“The Plank diet includes sugar-free coffee, meat, cooked ham, eggs, some vegetables and fruit (but not much). So you lose water, go into hypoglycemia and ketosis. And this with the consequent risks, especially if it is a person who has some pathology or even simply a person who does sports, especially intense physical activity. It can also be dangerous ”.

But is there really a weight loss?
“Like all high-protein and low-calorie diets, you certainly have a weight loss, but certainly not nine kilos and in any case, since there is no maintenance, the lost kilos recover”.

In general, can a more protein-focused diet be useful for healthy and athletic people?
“It simply came to our notice then. Ma i carbohydrates (and by the term carbohydrates I also mean those of fruit) should not be eliminated. In Italy they tend to have a low-protein diet, and implementing the protein quota can be good. But it must not become an extreme, also because too many proteins at some point are no longer assimilated. Certainly, however, it is possible to work on the balancing issue and provide proteins not only at a meal, but at all meals or perhaps in snacks, even simply with dried fruit, parmesan, a skyr “.

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