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HIGH VOICE FABLES – And the well-being of the health minister, what?

by drbyos

The representatives of the Public Health of the countries affected by the Covid-19 have an arduous task. In addition to being human beings exposed by others to contracting the virus, they have the responsibility of responding to the situation on their shoulders. Ours, which is Dr. Rafael Sánchez Cardenas, I have hanging from my soul. Since before knowing the first case in the country, he was already under public scrutiny for the inevitable “visit” of the coronavirus to the Dominican Republic. Obviously, he has not had a day off.

Dealing with suspicion

I am saddened to see how he must not only be attentive to the figures that are handled with respect to the national situation, but how he must face distorted information, complaints, comments that have become the ‘constant’ every time A bulletin is issued: “He says so, but they are more”, “this country is full of” infected “…, in short, it is overwhelming to face a reality as delicate as this.

Have we put ourselves in his shoes?

I think not. And really, it is not a defense to a public servant, it is a reflection on the respect that a human being deserves who has had to forget like the rest, hugs and displays of affection, but without being able to be in quarantine with his family, the one that most keep to protect themselves from the virus.

Emotional state

I am concerned to know that he, like the other people who attend these cases and follow the route taken by the monster of the Covid-19, cannot afford to stop crying, pay attention to their emotions, control their anxiety and to face the impotence of knowing that our country is not prepared for what is above it. All this must be kept for him because his priority is that the citizenship be kept safe.

Let’s support it!

As a population, we are going to give him, his team and all those who risk for us the best support that can be given: Let’s stay home, which is the best place to close the doors to a pandemic that has the world of knees, and at the same time, it is the safest space to plan the strategy that will give us back our daily lives. Let’s build together that fabulous city that from now on, we all deserve for being obedient and recognizing the Almighty, that only He can do everything. Let’s support the minister!


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