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Highest number since January – NRK Trøndelag – Local news, TV and radio

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On Friday, 31 new cases of infection were registered. This is the highest number in one day since January.

– It’s very loud. It is worrying, says municipal director Morten Wolden to NRK.

He maintains:

– There were some days in early January with a little more infection than we have now, but then the infection pressure was on the way down.

High infection pressure after partying 17 May

The municipal director in Trondheim thinks we now see the consequences of people gathering and celebrating May 17 earlier this week.

– People have ours in the city, and people have parties at home. It has led to infection, says Wolden.

This year, the national day ended on the Monday after Ascension Day and the long weekend. On the “cramped” Friday just before, there were long queues for wine monopolies around the country.

– We see a clear increase in infection in several places in the country, which is probably due to a lot of contact between people last weekend and 17 May. Among other things, there has been quite significant growth in infection in Trondheim, Kristiansand, Larvik, Hamar and Hammerfest in recent days, says assistant health director Espen Nakstad to NTB on Saturday eve.

Nakstad sees no cause for concern. He believes that one can quickly manage to put down the local outbreaks.

The next two to three days will be decisive for what action Trondheim municipality takes with regard to the corona regulations on infection control measures.

CONCERN: Municipal director Morten Wolden is concerned about the infection pressure Trondheim is experiencing now.

Photo: Bent Lindsetmo / NRK

Most infections in their 20s

As many as 20 of the infected people in the last 24 hours are in their 20s.

The age distribution looks like this:

  • 10-year-old: Three people
  • 20-year-old: 20 people
  • 30-year-old: Four people
  • 40s: Two people
  • 50s: Two people

1669 tests were performed yesterday, the municipality states in a press release.

In addition, 900 saliva tests and 117 drop-in tests were taken.

Infection trackers have seen that some have very many close contacts. This means that the infection can spread quickly and that many are seen in quarantine.

Some cases of infection with known close contacts have been linked to outbreaks at the Fire Fine nightclub. Two to an eruption at Bar and Bingo and two to an eruption in a church environment.

The rest are close contacts to small clusters.

– We see that there is also infection from other places, and it is largely related to parties on 17 May, says Wolden.

Fears the reopening plan is in jeopardy

The government has presented its reopening plan for the country – which will proceed with step 2 in large parts of the country next week.

From 27 May, you can drink beer until midnight – without having to order food.

But large regional differences make it difficult to introduce the same rules for the whole country.

– Parts of this plan are in danger for us no. Between other drinks until midnight, says the municipal director.

They will make a final decision on this during the presidency meeting on Wednesday – the day before the government will implement its plan.

Wolden thinks it is good that the government is coming up with a reopening plan, and that there is room for local measures.

– It is a pity that we are experiencing such a great pressure of infection right now.

– Drop the party

Municipal chief physician Tove Røsstad asked people to meet outside during the Whitsun weekend, and said that partying this weekend could be a big problem.

– Drop the parties this weekend, the municipal chief told NRK on Friday.

She is worried about the consequences if people do not listen to the advice.

– The danger is that you get such a large outbreak that you can no longer trace the infection properly. It will be a bit like in December, and we risk that many will become so ill that they may be hospitalized.

Wolden also comes with a clear appeal to the inhabitants of the city:

– Follow the infection control rules! One should not take a party this weekend. This weekend it is very important to stay calm.

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