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Highways in Poland are becoming more and more expensive. This is how we compare with the richest EU countries

Fees for the use of state highways were already introduced this year. nonetheless, they only apply to trucks. Passenger car owners, if there is no change in the government’s plan, can sleep peacefully in 2023. At least for now.

Concession sections are getting more and more expensive, places fees are set by private companieswho manages them. Due to rising maintenance costs, increases have already been introduced on the highway A2 Nowy Tomysl – Konin (150km). You must pay at each of the three gates not 26 anymore, but 28 zlotys.

In turn, on April 3 – for the same reason – the rates on the road will change A4 Katowice – Krakow (61km). There are two gates here, but also different stakes. If the driver uses automatic transactions (A4Go, Telepass, videotolling), he will pay PLN 13 per gate (was PLN 10). If he “physically” pays for the ride without stopping at the gate, he will pay twice PLN 15 each.

To summarize – driving 100 km on the A2 concession costs the driver PLN 56same section on the state highway – about 10 PLNand on the “private” A4 after April 3 it will from PLN 42 (for automated transactions) up to PLN 49 (for “traditional” payments). It is worth noting that 23% of every zloty in fees on road tax concessions goes to the state budget.

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Free highways in the biggest economy of the European Union

Motorways in Poland are becoming more expensive, but how do we compare with other EU member states in terms of tolls? This is how the situation looks like in the five biggest economies in the European Union, that is, the countries with the biggest gross domestic product.

We are starting from Germanwhose GDP – according to the International Monetary Fund – in 2022 exceeds USD 4 trillion. Here the situation is simple, German highways are free for cars up to 7.5 tons.

It is the second economy in the European Union France (about USD 2.8 trillion). There is the vast majority of highways is payable for passenger cars. The average price for traveling 100 km varies from 8 to 9 euros (from PLN 37.60 to PLN 42.30).

As calculated by the portal tolls.eu, travel by highway A10 from Paris to Bordeaux (583 km) costs EUR 57.20 per passenger car (approx. PLN 269). Driving on the roads A6 and A7 from the French capital to Marseille (773 km), you have to pay EUR 61.90 (PLN 291).

Motorway tolls in Italy, Spain and the Netherlands

Italy it is the third biggest economy of the European Union. According to the data of the International Monetary Fund, in 2022 the Italian GDP reached the level of 1.99 billion dollars. nonetheless, highways are tolled anyway, with a few exceptions.

Car driver in Italy pay an average of € 7.50 per 100 km, which is approximately PLN 35.30. Therefore, to travel on the A1 highway from Milan to Rome (556 km) you are entitled to EUR 41.90 (approx. PLN 197). A ride from the Podalpine “fashion capital” to Bari in the south of the country (865 km) costs EUR 64.40 (PLN 302).

Economics Spain was the fourth biggest in the European Union in 2022. GDP was $ 1.39 trillion last year. The main toll roads here, for example, the AP-68 between Bilbao and Zaragoza, but also the access road to Madrid. The average cost of driving 100 km on the Spanish highway is approx 10 euros (PLN 46.90).

It has the fifth biggest economy in the European Union Netherlands – in 2022, its GDP rose to USD 990.6 billion. The highways are free here. But it is worth noting that you do not have to pay for roads of the highest category not only in the richest EU countries.

Polish highways are more expensive than vignettes in the Czech Republic

Comparing tolls in the EU is difficult because the toll system varies. Earlier, we gave examples of countries where you have to pay for kilometers traveled or gates. nonetheless, periodical vignettes are used in many countries. Against this background, Polish highways – especially “private” – ​​are exceptionally expensive.

The average cost of driving a passenger car 100 km of toll roads in the highest category in Poland vary from PLN 36 to PLN 38. If we take only the concession section, the average price increases with the amount from PLN 49 to PLN 52.50. This amount is enough to pay for a vignette for 10 days.

This is the case of example Austria. There, you have to pay the equivalent of about PLN 46 for 10 days. IN Czech Republic – from PLN 30.50 (for an ecological car) to PLN 61. On Slovakia it costs PLN 56.20, and so on Hungary – PLN 65.30. For a vignette of the weekend Bulgaria a fee of PLN 21.60 is paid.

The inevitable will come. Polish drivers are facing painful changes

Polish drivers can expect that the highways in Poland will be even more expensive. The government announced that it will take over the roads now “private” after the concession expires. But what will it change?

GDDKiA has more opportunities to reduce road maintenance and repair costs than companies. Therefore, one can believe in the statement of the state that the rates on A2 and A4 will drop significantly.

In the coming years all higher category road sections under the jurisdiction of GDDKiA are subject to tolls. Currently, they are only: A2 Stryków – Konin (103 km) and A4 Bielany Wrocławskie – Gliwice Sośnica (163 km). And in Poland at the moment we have 1247 km of highways.

We can’t afford to keep the highways in positive condition if they don’t pay for them – said the Minister of Infrastructure Andrzej Adamczyk on the A1 under construction in the province of Lodz. At the same time, it was then that he ensured that the list of toll highways for passenger cars should not be extended until the end of 2023.

Jacek Losik, journalist money.pl

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