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Hilde (36) lost her farm in the landslide: – Surreal

In the aftermath of a devastating landslide in Breie i Ål, Hilde Breie, a resident who lost her childhood home, remains determined to rebuild. The landslide, caused by extreme weather conditions, destroyed two houses along with the farm that had been in Breie’s family for generations. Despite the immense destruction, Breie is grateful that no lives were lost in the disaster. The municipality had previously been marked as having a potential risk of landslides, but no investigations had been carried out. Breie, nonetheless, does not hold the municipality responsible and instead focuses on the memories and attachment she has to the place she calls home.

Aerial photo from the landslide in Breie i Ål. The image has been shared by the Norwegian Armed Forces.

Hilde Breie’s childhood home has been razed to the ground. But she is determined that it will be rebuilt.


On Tuesday evening there was a landslide in Breie i Ål. It took two houses with it.

Hilde Breie (36) lost her home – the farm that has been in the family for several generations.

The log cabin and the house with four housing units have been razed to the ground. Four garages are full of soil. Stones are strewn about.

– There are no planks that stand upright. Everything is wiped out, says Hilde to VG.

See photo gallery showing the destruction on the farm:

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The barn is the only thing left on the farm.

– Didn’t think logically

On Tuesday, Hilde, with the help of a childhood friend and her boyfriend, prepared for the rain that had been reported. They tried to dig a waterway to prevent water from entering the farm.

Before they had finished digging, there was a landslide at the neighbour’s house, but Hilde stayed on the farm. Meanwhile, the helicopters whizzed over them.

– I was determined to finish the work, and did not think logically, says Hilde.

A little under an hour after they had finished digging, they were evacuated in a boat, which picked them up at Strandafjorden.

Just before nine o’clock on Tuesday evening, about an hour after they were picked up by boat, the landslide occurred.

Extreme weather “Hans”: Check the danger alerts where you live

Does not hold the municipality responsible

Ål, with its around 5,000 inhabitants, has been hit hard by the extreme weather “Hans”. The storm has ravaged southern Norway this week.

Ål cultural center was turned into an evacuation center and several people slept on the floor and in cinema chairs. The grid was down and the roads closed.

In addition to the landslide in Breie, a house was smashed near Kleivi.

VG has previously mentioned that the area has been marked with a potential risk of landslides, but that it has never been investigated.

Hilde does not hold the municipality responsible.

– The investigations should have been done, but it is a process. If you had the money and resources to prioritize it, it would have been done, she says.

Hilde Breie.

– Thank God

Hilde currently lives with her mother, east of Breie. Eventually, she will have to find a temporary place to live.

Her sons were in Greece when it struck, which she is delighted about to this day. Hilde is very grateful that no lives were lost.

– I didn’t think this could happen. Thank God everyone is alive.

She is determined that the farm will be rebuilt.

– I have so many memories from there, and am very attached to the place. It has been a gathering point for the family. It’s surreal that it’s gone.


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